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With Precision, Members are Healthier

Members are healthier

Your most vulnerable members face multiple challenges. They often have more than one medical condition to cope with, their health status changes constantly and they don’t have the resources to manage their own needs.

But when these same members are provided with personalized care and support through Precision Empowered Care Management, an amazing thing happens: their health improves.

That’s because rather than being left alone in a complicated health care system, they are being guided by an entire team of experts who are cross-trained and equipped with a proven biopsychosocial model, a powerful platform and actionable big data.

Our team offers informed guidance to members’ about their health to ensure they receive the most appropriate care. At the same time, they teach members how to overcome barriers and more effectively manage their own well-being.

Optimal Outcomes for Health Plan Members

  • Decrease in PMPM health care costs
  • Closed HEDIS gaps
  • Decrease in ER visits
  • Improved medical measures
  • Decrease in reported depression
  • Sustainable and healthy weight loss

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