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With Precision, Costs Go Down

costs go down

At Health Integrated, we understand that one of your greatest concerns as a growing health plan is cost containment. That is why our Precision Empowered Care Management solutions are designed to focus on your members with the greatest impact opportunity.

More specifically, we help plans to significantly improve Medical Loss Ratio/Medical Expense Ratio (MLR/MER) through:

  • Cost Containment – our proprietary system allows us to precisely target the small percentage of members responsible for more than 50% of the expenses with cost-saving interventions.
  • Financial Optimization – our care management solutions enable your health plan to optimize HCC reimbursements and earn more quality bonuses.

With these advantages, our clients achieve and sustain profitability in spite of a complex and ever-changing market.

Financial Outcomes Reported by Our Clients:

  • 8% decrease in Medical Expense Ratio (MER)
  • $13.2 million in direct program cost savings
  • 4:1 cost ROI

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