Member Success Stories

Success Story: Terri

When Terri started the Multichronic Care Management program, she was experiencing back pain and migraines, and suffering from anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. At first, she wanted to focus on losing 20 pounds, but her personal clinician, Jenny, quickly realized Terri had anger and self-esteem issues that were making more of an impact on her health than her weight.

Terri reported she had recently ended a long relationship and was experiencing anger and low self-esteem. Her personal clinician discovered Terri was consuming more than 15 sodas per day and avoiding exercise. Jenny worked with her to reframe her thinking and set small, yet achievable goals. She soon lowered her soda intake and started walking. As her back pain subsided, she was motivated to do more and began walking daily. She began to follow her mental health treatment plan more closely and worked on her anger issues.

With Jenny’s assistance, Terri was able to meet her weight loss goal and, more important, her back pain disappeared and she was able to discontinue her migraine medication. Best of all, Terri reported she gained back her confidence and changed her perspective on her health.