Member Success Stories

Success Story: Helen

When Helen entered the Multichronic Care Management program, she was 61 years old and had multiple health issues, including acromegaly, a rare disease causing the overproduction of growth hormones. She would leave her home only for doctor appointments or to pick up prescriptions. So also had a very limited support system.

Lynn was Helen’s personal clinician and she quickly realized Helen was also experiencing depression and anxiety. Over the course of the program, Helen began to trust Lynn and confided that she had a disfiguring overgrowth around her face due to her condition and that strangers would ridicule her. She was also having difficulty around the house with her activities of daily living and often fell. She was scared, anxious and needed help. Lynn referred her case to the care coordination team and Helen was prescribed a home health aide five days a week. This completely turned her world around. She now had someone to assist her at home and to accompany her to appointments.

Helen experienced a significant decrease in depression and anxiety, and with assistance was able to manage new aspects of her daily living. Without Lynn and the Multichronic Care Management program, Helen may never have received this help and could have experienced a serious fall or medical issue that would have further complicated her case. Just as important, she gained back some independence and a sense of self-worth.