GEHA is the second-largest national health plan serving federal employees, federal retirees and their families. The plan sought to enhance quality and compliance in specific areas and partnered with Health Integrated on the Transitions in Care behavioral health program. By focusing on specific HEDIS measures relevant to follow-up after behavioral health hospitalizations, our team helped the plan increase both seven-day and 30-day HEDIS measures. We have become an extension of GEHA’s care team, providing case management when a member faces a crisis or complex mental health issue. With dedicated support, our clinicians work closely with plan providers to ensure quality care is provided in a cost-effective manner. Continuing our strong partnership, we developed a program that uses our biopsychosocial model to help GEHA members cope with low-back pain. Still in the initial phases, the low-back pain program aims for engaged members to achieve maximum pain reduction, mobility and quality of life while avoiding costly medical interventions.