Member Success Stories

Success Story: Karen

When 48-year-old Karen entered the Multichronic Care Management program, she was struggling with COPD, seizures, depression, anxiety and alcohol addiction. She had previously been homeless and was just getting out of an abusive relationship. With a limited support system, Karen was stuck. Many in her situation would have continued in a downward spiral, but working with Ross, her personal clinician, truly turned her life around.

Ross encouraged Karen to believe in herself, use available resources and focus on such goals as re-engaging with her children. They also set important health goals to stop drinking and smoking. She slowly began to rebuild her life by applying for disability and housing benefits. She actively engaged in counseling to focus on her depression, anxiety and alcohol addiction. Throughout the program, Karen gained stability and reconnected with her family. With the assistance of our care coordination team, she received transportation to her physician’s office and was able to keep up with her treatment plan. She cut down significantly on her smoking and had not had a drink in more than seven months. Best of all, Karen said she was happy and confident in her ability to self-manage her physical and emotional health.