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Big-Data Firm Silicon Valley Data Science and Health Integrated Establish Strategic Partnership

by Health Integrated | Jul 30, 2015
Health Integrated announces a strategic partnership with consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS). The collaboration fuels data-driven management of the most vulnerable, costliest patients.

Health Integrated today announced a strategic partnership with consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS). The two companies have had a consulting relationship since March 2014 when Health Integrated tapped SVDS to help shape its proprietary data architecture, a key to its data-driven managed care solutions for health plans that serve the most vulnerable patient populations. Health Integrated uses precision data to focus on the relatively small segment of patients who account for a large share of health care plan costs. The partnership includes a strategic investment from SVDS, which enables a deeper level of services collaboration and strategic advisory.   

“Our partnership with SVDS has facilitated the design and execution of a new data architecture that has allowed us to analyze data at scale,” said Health Integrated’s senior vice president of technology and information strategy G. Francisco Perin. “This ability to digest and process data on a finite level enables the health plans we work with to bring a new level of personalization to health care. Ultimately, we improve outcomes and reduce costs, especially for high-risk Medicaid and Medicare members with multiple chronic conditions combined with diagnosed, undiagnosed or untreated psychological and social barriers.”

Industry research shows that ‒ despite claims from more than two-thirds of health care decision-makers surveyed that analytics is one of their organization’s top three priorities1 ‒ just 10 percent of health care organizations are using advanced tools for data collection with analytics and predictive capabilities.2

A leader in using such advanced tools, Health Integrated has worked with SVDS to develop a cloud-based big-data architecture that extracts meaningful insights from incoming claims data, sorting and using that data to deliver value. SVDS helped to bring into the mix tools like Hadoop, a Java-based programming framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment.

“We are thrilled to be working with one of the smartest data firms in Silicon Valley and SVDS shares our vision for empowering actionable big data on behalf of health plans that are trying to manage their highest-cost, highest-risk patients,” said Shan Padda, chief executive officer of Health Integrated. “This partnership is a vote of confidence for the ambitious path of growth and innovation that Health Integrated has embraced.”

Health Integrated has experienced significant growth over the past year. In the last six months, the company has hired more than 190 employees and has expanded its corporate headquarters into a second building in Tampa, Florida. Additionally the company has grown its national client base with new health plans like Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization, Family Health Network and Community Care Alliance of Illinois.

“Health Integrated is at a special point in its lifetime as a company, where a perfect storm of Medicaid expansion and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is creating even more pressure to control costs,” said SVDS chief executive officer Sanjay Mathur. “As a company, we’re selective in our partnerships, but in this case we see amazing potential for mutually beneficial collaboration and development.”

About Silicon Valley Data Science
Silicon Valley Data Science is a boutique consulting firm specializing in business transformation through data science and engineering. They are a company of experienced software engineers, architects, data scientists, strategists and designers who specialize in data-driven product development and experimentation. Based in Mountain View, California, SVDS works in holistic teams trained in strategic and agile approaches: whether using data to understand customers or build new go-to-market offerings, they help clients to iterate toward big data applications that create meaningful business impact. For more information, visit

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  2. KMPG survey of 270 healthcare professionals, Managed Healthcare Executive, April 2015.

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