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The only care management solution leveraging big data, a proven integrated model and a best-in-class platform, all supported by unparalleled industry expertise.

Actionable Big Data

With Health Integrated’s advanced data architecture, we leverage vast amounts of data and turn it into actionable insights that enable us to engage and intervene with the members who are impacting your plan the most.

Our approach to data is unique in that we apply our analytical engines to go beyond just the identification of high utilization, but also underlying non-clinical contributors to excessive costs and risks. Left unaddressed, these psychosocial issues become barriers to member compliance and appropriate utilization, impacting outcomes and plan performance. With our actionable big data, we precisely manage your population right down to the member level and drive better care delivery, compliance and savings across your plan.

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Biopsychosocial Model | Health Integrated

Proven Biopsychosocial Model

Physical conditions, psychological factors and social determinants each play key roles in health. To truly improve member outcomes, you must identify and address each of these areas. Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a proven biopsychosocial model called Dynamic Somato-Social Theory that does just that. It’s a holistic approach developed by our team to address overall health in individuals who have one or more modifiable chronic conditions using therapeutic interventions.

By addressing the whole person, the root causes impacting an individual’s health can be discovered and managed more effectively. Empowered by this proven approach to care, members build self-efficacy and adhere to treatment plans, leading to healthier outcomes. And healthier members lead to higher Star ratings, greater financial returns and an overall competitive advantage for your plan.

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Helix Intervention Platform®

Managing care has become increasingly challenging with varied operational systems and data sources. To address this, we use our proprietary care management platform, which provides us with a software solution that streamlines workflows and integrates care coordination across your entire health care ecosystem. Through powerful and secure information-sharing features, your plan acquires a 360-degree view of the member. As a client, you also have real-time, actionable information at your fingertips that clearly demonstrates the impact of our care management.

Should you choose to license our Helix platform for your own clinical staff, our system is built to scale, and our platform flexes to your growth, empowering system efficiencies and care delivery as your plan expands in the marketplace. Our powerful technology supports higher quality care, greater compliance and revenue opportunities like no other.

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